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How to Make the Most of Extracurriculars

How to Make the Most of Extracurriculars:

Pursue your passions.

When you love a subject, you are more likely to commit your time to it. It might be difficult to choose and prioritize your extracurricular activities, so here are our top recommendations. Instead of picking a prestigous, popular club at school that doesn’t suit your skills, choose an area you know you can flourish in. Find a niche- anything from medicine to visual arts- and try to remain in that area. If you have yet to pick a niche, explore your options! Try new things and keep going until you find that perfect spot. 


Once you have been in an extracurricular for a while, try to become a leader. For example, after being in Drama Club for a few years, find out how the executive team is voted in. If you are eligible, try to run to be on the team! Being in a position of leadership helps build your soft skills like presenting in front of others, managing large groups of people, and working with a team of peers. 

Making connections

Be connected and informed about your clubs and organizations. For example, you can follow your school on social media to keep up with announcements. Talk to your friends and peers to see what organizations they are a part of. You might just find your favorite new thing!

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