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Study Hacks

Take a look at various study hacks and helpful tips from your tutors to excel even more in the classroom. 


Sharpen your math skills outside of the classroom.

Need help solving a system of equations? Watch Arisha, our tutor, solve this question and ask your questions in the comments section.


Arisha Virani

Middle and High School Tutor

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Order of Operations
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Order of Operations
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Time Management
Taking Notes
Smiling Kid

Bryan Radcliffe

Can you explain how to take notes in class?


Work Smarter, Not Harder.

Watch our tutors talk about tips and tricks to increase your efficiency as a student. Whether that be learning how to highlight important words in a sentence or how to manage your time, we've got it all!

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Aaliya Virani

Middle and High School Tutor

Spread the word.

Let's share our knowledge with everybody.

Spread the word about our service so students from all over the world can access our high quality content, knowledgeable tutors, and flexible scheduling systems. 


Allan Jacob 

SAT/ACT Tutor and High School Biology

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Take a look at what our parents have said. Our amazing experiences with our students.

School Desk

The Bright Owl team is amazing from the founder to all the tutors! They are very centered around the needs of the students!

- Sarah

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